Want to be Happy? Give the Gift of Laughter!


One of the many ways to bring happiness into your life is humor.  Have you ever tried to be unhappy or frown while you’re laughing?  If you have, let me know because I’d like to see how you do that.  Of course, there are various ways to find humor in life.

It used to be that knowing a good joke or one-liner was the way of giving the gift of laughter and it still is.  However, for those of us who have a hard time remembering jokes or coming up with our own, we have turned to expressing ourselves in other ways such as sentiments on what we wear or better still on what we drink from. 

For instance, numerous websites have office coffee mugs with different designs or sayings on them.  They are meant to bring a chuckle, or at least a smirk, to whomever reads them.  (The purchaser also gets a good laugh by enjoying the reaction of others.)My Wife

When someone uses a novelty coffee mug at the office they are stating, “This is who I am, and I think this is funny…or not”.  Funny coffee mugs are also a good way to break the ice in a social situation.

Some work coffee mugs have also turned vintage.  Graphics of those from yesteryear spouting puns, irony, and dirty slogans have been popular recently.

Some funny coffee mugs are all about the message and contain no funny graphics whatsoever.  The concept and joke or pun is the key to the humor in these mug designs.  These designs may include some minimal design work like fun with fonts, drop shadows, colors and outlines, but the verbal message is the usually the most important element in these types of novelty mugs.

Overall, novelty coffee mugs are a great way to get the message of laughter out everywhere.  Share a joke with a family member, friend or coworker today just by drinking your favorite beverage from one of these novelty mugs.  It’s a lot more fun than drinking out of a plain old coffee mug.  Go find one now or if you have a design you’d like, let me know and I’ll create if for you.