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In my journey to achieve a happy and fulfilling , I’ve studied and read many a book, watched videos and taken courses that have put me on the path to accomplish my goal.  I decided to use this page to recommend some of the resources I’ve used and/or some that I heard great things about.  I’ll be adding more as time goes on.  Check them out.

Healing Panic and Anxiety

In order to end an anxiety problem, you must take decisive action.  You have to go after an anxiety free life; it will not find you.  Maybe you’ve tried everything available from traditional talk therapy and medications to alternative treatments like hypnotherapy without much success.  But what if you had the ability to stop the fear of another panic attack?  This program does just that.

Reversing Your Diabetes

When fat deposits form around the pancreas, that fat squeezes and invades the pancreas preventing it from producing enough which in turn increases your body’s insulin resistance.  For years doctors have known that people with Type 2 diabetics have fat deposits surrounding their pancreas but they thought that was an effect of the disease.  Now they know that the fat deposits are the cause of the disease.  If you want to learn how to conquer your diabetes, go here to find out how.

Ultimate Secrets to an Amazing Life

This is an online comprehensive course packed with powerful tools and information which will reveal ways to improve on all levels. The methods contained in this course have been proven to transform people’s lives. This course comes complete with life changing techniques, exercises and worksheets to make it easy for you to stay involved.

Read more about this course and sign up here.

Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

This was one of the very first books I read when I was looking for ways to change my life.  It’s been called the “new science of personal achievement” but for me it is the ultimate self-improvement tutorial.  Tony Robbins has been helping people for over 30 years now and getting amazing results.  If you are looking for lasting improvement in your own life, I highly recommend this book and any of his other works.

Secrets of Happiness

This is a free course I found which will guide you to a more pleasant and meaningful life.  The course is broken down into four sections covering topics such as “What is Happiness?”; “Make your Life Simpler” and “Happiness Boosters”.  It has received fantastic reviews which you can read by going to this site.

The Instant Switch

The Instant Switch is one program that shows you life changing techniques that can be used to completely transform your life for the better.

This program offers genuine techniques that help people transform themselves.

The power of the instant switch is like the power of a switch on a railroad control center, you simply switch the direction of the train of your life.

You can find more information about this program right here.


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