Give Happiness to Receive Happiness

We all want to be happy, don’t we?  We all crave appreciation and to be recognized for our accomplishments.  We desire to be called good and loving human beings.  We are all looking for this validation from our friends, family, and our partners.  This makes us happy.  This makes us feel good about ourselves.  This gives us new confidence in ourselves.  This all gives us a new and positive attitude and boosts our self-esteem.

Now the question becomes, how do you achieve all this happiness?  There is a simple way, give to others what you want to receive.  It sound counter intuitive but it works.

If you want to be praised and recognized, praise and recognize others.  If you want to be loved, love others.  Don’t wait until someone compliments you on your smile or beautiful eyes, give that compliment first.  I know you’re probably thinking that of course they’ll compliment me back out of sheer guilt.  However, the compliment you’ll receive is not only from them but also from someone else.

give happiness

Learn to give love, affection, appreciation, and applaud others even for a very small victory.  Will this help you to achieve happiness and contentment?  It helps you immediately.  The first feeling you get after doing such a good deed is a feeling of satisfaction.  This raises your self-esteem.  This makes you feel good.  By making others happy, you get happiness in return.  So become proactive and get all you want by not asking for it, but by giving it.

Watch what happen to others when they get praise from you.  They will feel very happy.  They will be happy with you.  Send happiness to get happiness.  

Happiness is a state of mind, when you feels content with yourself, you feel cheerful with your life and circumstances.  If you are not happy, life becomes a burden.  One lives, but only because one has no choice.  Why not make happiness a part of your everyday life?