Three Quick Reminders About Love

Because we are so busy living our daily lives, we tend to forget how to treat others and ourselves.  We forget what love is about and how to fully engage with our significant others.  Below are three things we forget when interacting with other people.  If you think about it, these apply as much to loving ourselves as they do to loving others.  loving others

Love is Patient

Sometimes we get exasperated with our partners, well more than sometimes.  It seems we always have a gripe about them; all he wants to do is watch TV, or she always talks during the game.  But it’s times like these when cooler heads need to prevail.  Patience is an art that needs to be practiced as diligently as that golf game we’re trying to become better at.  And when mastered, it will do wonders for any relationship.

Start today…think before you say or do anything you’ll regret.  Don’t reach for that duct tape to put over her mouth and definitely don’t say “Wait until the commercial before you say something”.  Counting to 10 really does work.

Love is Kind

Being kind to each other is part of the foundation to building a solid lasting relationship.  Being kind can involve numerous things.  It could be a nice word for your partner.  Or it could be an act as simple as a hug.  Kindness is not saying to her “You look good, for your age”.  Or “You’re twice the man I married, why don’t you get off your butt and go exercise?”  Kindness doesn’t have to be extravagant.  In fact sometimes the smallest, simplest things often have the greatest impact.  And like patience, sometimes we are out of practice so we need to be aware.

Today…give your partner a sincere compliment and mean it.

Love does not envy

Put another way, love is not jealous but trusting.  Trust is one of the biggest factors in strong relationships.  Jealousy or envy is the opposite of trust in a relationship. Without trust there can be no solid foundation and eventually the relationship withers.