How to Get What You Want By Being Grateful and Focused

The Law of Attraction is always working and in a very simple way. Whatever you think about the most you attract.  Simple!  Put another way you get more of what you focus on. This is the very foundation upon which the Law of Attraction works.

However in order to fully utilize this law and create the life you want, you need to be very careful about where you are placing your attention. You need to be aware that all thoughts, both positive and negative thoughts, are creative. The Law of Attraction makes no differentiation between positive and negative thoughts. It just gives you want you focus on the most.want

It doesn’t take long for the process to begin.  Within 17 seconds of beginning to focus on something either positive or negative, a matching vibration is activated and as your focus becomes stronger and the vibration becomes clearer, the Law of Attraction will begin to bring you more thoughts that match that vibration.  The longer you maintain that focus, the vibration becomes stronger.  Now what the really cool part is that if you can stay purely focused on any thought for as little as 68 seconds, the vibration you’re sending out becomes powerful enough so that manifestation begins.

So regardless of what it is you are thinking about, no matter what it is, it only takes 68 seconds to begin manifesting it.

This sounds great to the beginner. Wow, 68 seconds to the life of your dreams. All you have to do is sit quietly for 68 seconds, think about what you want and the Law of Attraction will bring it to you effortlessly. That’s fantastic!

However what most people fail to remember is that all thoughts are creative not just the good ones.  Negative thoughts are also creative and unfortunately the majority of people spend more time thinking about what’s wrong in their lives instead of all the good they have.  And when these thoughts are emotionally charged, they manifest even faster.

So one of the things you must consciously learn to do is catch yourself when your thoughts don’t serve you and then change your focus.

Change your view of the world.  If you see it as a nasty, unforgiving, greedy, violent place then that’s what you’ll attract more of.  So change that viewpoint by looking for all the good in the world and especially in your life.  Look for the abundance in your life even if you are not fully experiencing it right now. Look for the things you want. Try to notice all the people who are currently enjoying the life you want to live and rejoice in their good fortune.

I realize this is may not be as simple as it sounds but if you get to a place of gratitude for what you already have and focus your attention on that, you will change your vibration and begin manifesting more of what you do want.

So be grateful for what you do have. Be happy for other people’s success. Show gratitude all the time and keep your focus on the positive and your attention will be placed on what you want. Your attitude will change when your attention is squarely placed on the things in life that you truly want and you do this through gratitude. So to keep you on track and in an attitude of gratitude always remember these two aspects of the law.

If a thought is maintained for a mere 68 seconds the Law of Attraction immediately begins to manifest it.

What you focus on you get more of and what your attention rests on expands.

To assist you further in staying in an attitude of gratitude, keep a gratitude journal.  You can find one here.