Do You Love What You Do?

“Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”  ~ Albert Schweitzer (1875 – 1965)

Today we are busier than we have ever been, working long hours and feeling under more and more pressure.  How do you spend your days?frustrated

For many people work and pleasure are separate, with work being a necessary evil in order to pay the bills.  However, it does not have to be like that.  Although we do not have to love everything we do, we do need to gain some enjoyment from most of what we do.  Now may be a good time to step back and evaluate your present situation. 

Think about what is most important to you and why you do what you do.  For each person that means something different.

What aspects of your job are important to you?  Does it motivate and inspire you?  Are you doing what is necessary to make your dreams come true?  What would you rather be doing?  What options do you currently have?  What talents, skills, and qualities do you have and can you utilize them in your job now?  Are there areas of your job that you can improve on?  Whom can you discuss this with?  Is a change to a new position in the same company an option?

Examine the possibilities.  Keep in mind that your job does not define you, but how you do it does.

Think about how can you take an idea and turn it into reality.  Get creative and think through how you could make money doing what you enjoy most.

Another option would be to do something entirely different, something you love, something that adds pleasure back into your working life.

Starting something new and different can be a bit scary.  It requires courage, confidence, and commitment.  Ask for help from those people who can assist you and get supporters to keep you motivated.  Find things that interest you and, if necessary, go back to basics and learn some new skills.  Develop a clear vision of where you would like to be in 3 years’ time.  Write it down and be specific.  This will provide you with something to focus on.

However, if starting something different and new is not for you, figure out how you can love the job you already have.  You cannot always control your situation, but you can always choose how you react to it.  Remember, your attitude affects how you approach your daily life.

Choose to be positive!