One of the Greatest Sources of Happiness

Nature is one of our greatest sources of happiness. The human race has lived in the lap of nature for millions of years while their stay in modern cities is comparably very short.  We humans are dependent upon nature for our very survival (plants recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen; our food is a product of nature; and we can survive under a very limited range of variables of nature like temperature, etc.)

Think about it, nature is free.  It is there for everybody to stand and stare and derive happiness and solace from.  It does not distinguish between rich and poor, strong and weak, man and woman.  The warm radiant sun is free, the bright golden moon is free, a cool breeze, the warm seashore, a range of imposing snow capped mountains, landscapesmooth flowing rivers, dark and inviting forests, all of these are there for us.

And they are free, not because they are cheap but because they are priceless.

How much would it cost to make an artificial island with rivers, forests, mountains, and surrounding ocean?

A billion dollars?

Can someone make it?  And if they can and be able to afford to, would they give it to humanity for free to enjoy?  Probably not.  They would at least want to recover some if not all of their investment.

When we see the moon, we see it in its entirety, no matter how many millions of people are seeing it at the same time.  Has God made a separate moon for each of us, or is it only one moon which each of us somehow sees as his own individual moon?  And similarly, the sky, the sun, the ocean, rain and sunshine, all are there for us to possess fully.  Each can stare at the sky and claim all of it for his or her happiness.

Nature understands your moods.  If you are sad, it is also sad with you.  But it does not make you sadder. It does not lead you to further despair.  It applies gentle balm to your wounds.  It sits beside you like a mother, spouse, brother or sister, or a friend and embraces you, talks to you, listens to you patiently, empathizes with you.  Slowly it lifts your spirits, makes you see your little woes, worries, and wounds in the right perspective of infinite time and space.  You smile, you laugh, and you are happy again!

I am sure, you keep your money in the bank and this bank balance gives you great pleasure and happiness.  Even when this money is lying idle or tied up in investments.  Sometimes it is just on paper, for example the value of shares and bonds.  When you need something you withdraw the money and exchange it for some pleasure and happiness.  Well all this is good.

Yet do you realize that infinite beauty and happiness is lying around you in the form of nature?

Do you appreciate this fact and draw happiness out of it?