You are in Charge of Your Own Happiness

How many times have you wished you could be happy?  It’s only natural that we want to have happier, more fulfilling lives; but the truth is we spend more time trying to make those people around us happy while we neglect our own happiness.

Unfortunately happiness doesn’t just happen, it is a result of our thoughts and beliefs.  We can have happiness in our lives anytime we want and the thing is that it is not difficult at all, if you know how.

Realize happiness or unhappiness for that matter is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What I mean by that is that most people are not happy because they don’t believe they deserve to be happy.Are You Happy  By thinking those thoughts, they tend to lock themselves into self-fulfilling patterns of behavior that keeps them from being happy.  It ends up being a vicious cycle, kind of like a hamster on a wheel.

So what can be done to eliminate these negative thought patterns?

First and foremost, be mindful of your thoughts.  We are the creators of our moods and emotions and that creation begins with what we are thinking or focusing on.  For example, if you’re worried about upcoming bills and wondering if you’ll have enough money to pay them, what kind of mood does that put you in?  Or if you’re thinking about the happy times with your significant other or with your children doesn’t that evoke a better feeling?  I’m hoping you are now realizing that you are in charge of your happiness.

But let’s get back to those pesky negative thoughts for a moment.  How can you possibly be happy if you’re concerned about a pile of bills and limited resources to work with?  My experience has been that if you re-frame those thoughts, things seem better and opportunities seem to present themselves more readily.  What do I mean by re-framing your thoughts?

In the past when I was carrying that burden of mounting bills and limited resources, I too felt overwhelmed and very unhappy.  During that time I read various books and found various resources that talked about being happy and how to achieve happiness.

One of the ways was to re-frame my thoughts.  What I did is I looked at my situation and found lots of things for which I could be grateful.  Doing this took my focus off my troubles and got me thinking how truly fortunate I am.  I started looking at my current situation differently.  I looked at it as an opportunity to get creative and I found a way to make extra money.  I don’t believe that would have happened if I hadn’t changed how I was looking at my situation.

I’m not going to tell you that it was easy to do because in the beginning it wasn’t but I persisted.  And now, several years later, whenever I find myself thinking negatively or feeling sorry for myself I am now much more aware of those thoughts I don’t want and can easily transform them.

I also want to say that just because you learn how to do away with those heavy burdening thoughts doesn’t mean you won’t get any more of them.  We as humans have a natural tendency to lean more towards negativity so that “stinkin thinkin” will crop up.  But the idea is to be more aware and catch it before it embeds itself permanently in your subconscious.

There are other ways to help you get out of negativity trap and into a state that will not only benefit you but also people around you.  Because if you are in a cheerful and happy mood, other people take notice and you tend to attract even more good things into your life.

If you want to learn more about how to succeed at being happier in your life, check out my Recommended Resources page to get started.